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About us


SPK/Lewis is a full-service construction manager and general contractor.  For more than Thirty years, SPK/Lewis has specialized in the coordination and control of interior construction for prestigious Manhattan commercial properties; banks, brokerages, corporate headquarters and retail spaces, to cite a few recent installations.

Call us the “catalyst” in the complex chemistry that characterizes every project, no matter what its size.

At SPK/Lewis, we have the expertise and flexibility to compliment the talents of your other team members and consultants - architects, engineers, interior designers, and other – in whichever way works best for you:



Relationships that work are built on mutual respect, and at SPK/Lewis, we’re uniquely equipped to understand and accommodate contrasting points of view --- We create the synergy needed to produce the top-quality environment you deserve – always on schedule and within your budget. There is a reason we have been a trusted brand in the construction industry, for the past Thirty years and counting.


SPK/Lewis is a supporter of green initiatives within the construction industry. We have worked with numerous clients whose intent was to construct a sustainable renovation to match LEED guidelines as they relate to debris disposal, air quality management, use of low VOC adhesives and paints, and the use of regional/recycled materials.
The US Green Building Council (USGBC) is a committed organization designed to achieve a sustainable future through cost efficient and energy saving green buildings. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is forming how we think about the places we live, work and learn. USGBC works toward its mission of market transformation through its LEED green building certification program.





This internationally recognized mark of excellence provides a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.


At SPK/Lewis we are committed to the team concept and acknowledge the fact that the success of our projects, such as this one, are wholly dependent on the pre‐construction planning phase. Our pre‐construction services are comprehensive and fully anticipate issues and concerns to meet your project goals, particularly as they relate to quality, schedule and budget.

Throughout the construction phase, we will monitor all work to meet the intent of the construction parameters and documents. If any work or installation is not delivered to the satisfaction of the Owner, the Architect or SPK/Lewis personnel, it will be rejected.

SPK/Lewis provides its clientele with products and services of quality workmanship, meeting or exceeding the contractual requirements. Our primary objective is to maintain and improve our excellent reputation for quality and safety.

Our referral / client list is quite robust, and we encourage you to contact us today, via phone or the online contact form. For Thirty years and counting we have been a trusted, reliable, and reputable organization. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations, and making your investment a sound one... That is the SPK/Lewis tradition.

SPK/Lewis has earned a reputation for providing added value to our clients utilizing the following approaches:

Due Diligence

Performing extensive pre‐construction due diligence to identify all conditions for proper documentation on bid drawings.


Pre-Qualifying Subcontractors

Pre‐qualifying sub‐contractors to guarantee current legal standing and financial stability.

Long Lead Items

Identifying and prioritizing long lead items to eliminate necessary overtime fabrication and installation costs.


Providing Special Conditions

Providing special conditions in bid packages to clarify the scope of work for each trade to supplement plans and specifications.

Subcontractor Bid Packages

Developing comprehensive subcontractor bid packages to clearly define the scope of work to be performed.



SPK/Lewis is recognized within the real estate and construction community for our integrity and ethics.

Subcontractor Bid Lists

Preparing comprehensive subcontractor bid lists with input from the entire Project Team involved.



Providing clarification on subcontractor requisition, and payment terms to avoid misrepresentations.